Well, I started this website to use as a base for all my recent creative endeavors. It's somewhat of an experiment, and I didn't expect to make any money from my digital art or for many people to even know of its existence but turns out I was wrong. If things keep going like this I'll be able to quit my day job eventually.

Over the years I had wandered from artistic medium to artistic medium. Never quite finding one that adequately suited me. Oh sure, people would "Ooh" and "Aah" much of my work, but I just couldn't keep interested long enough to really bring in the dough. I've done pencil sketching, short stories, even E-cards. I am all for art for it's own sake, but living in a cutthroat corporate world for as long as I have, you might wonder if there is a better way to earn a living.

I think I finally found a workable medium in CGI (computer-generated imagery). But instead of the two dimensions of E-cards, I have moved up into three dimensions. When I was younger, I looked at 3D design briefly, but quickly dismissed it owing to the ridiculously steep learning curve that the software of its day seemed to present.

Now however, I find many new advances in the field, making this medium accessible to anyone. For the beginner, who never thought the above image would be possible for someone of their skills and learning ability, it is now possible. My favorite program is currently DAZ Studio. It is a free program and with it, you can make amazing scenes from pre-constructed content, widely available online. I recommend it for beginners most definitely.

For designing your own models, DAZ also has a program called Hexagon 3D. Unlike 3D programs of old, this software is actually affordable for the general public. You can find both of these programs at daz3d.com. No, I don't work for them (although I do sell products on their website) but I do think DAZ 3D should be more widely known to the general public, given the quality that they easily provide. If you have ever picked up a trial version of something like 3D Studio Max and quickly gave up on it under the onslaught of seemingly millions of settings and controls that you have no idea what they do, despite assurances by some tutorial writers that "you don't really need to understand what they do", you'll appreciate the simplicity and straightforwardness of the DAZ 3D lineup.

In closing, I hope you enjoy this site, and perhaps leave with some inspiration for your own creative endeavors.


Tako Yakida

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